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    Milan Art & Events Center
  • Milan Art & Events Center
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  • Milan Art & Events Center
  • Milan Art & Events Center
  • Milan Art & Events Center
  • Milan Art & Events Center


Galleria d'Arte – Milano

Art Gallery


MA-EC promotes art and culture, and creates links between artists, collectors, media, through an interactive and international platform. Hosts art events in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, and promotes international relations between China and Europe. The gallery is on two floors and does coexist harmoniously the architectural elements of the building of the historical center of Milan with the brightness and modernity of contemporary.
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Milan Art & Events Center

Our commitment is to promote the good of both emerging and established artists to create a point of reference for collectors, buyers and enthusiasts. We want to put an emphasis on site-specific projects can dialogue with the city and its events in order to build a network that knows how to communicate in a new way in the field of contemporary art by bringing together art, design, fashion and events.


Floral Window: Triennale Design Week

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018, Tuesday, April 17 at the Milan Triennale will be inaugurated Floral Window: Sparks of the Literary Mind. This is the first exhibition at the TriennaleRead more

Ksana Spirits

Thursday, September 21 Milan Art & Events Center will open the new season with the exhibition Ksana Spirits, the second leg of the international touring exhibition On the Road. Exhibit theirRead more

2017 BeiJing Contemporary Art Festival

On August 5, will be inaugurated in Beijing 2017 Bei Jing Contemporary Art Festival - Meeting in 798. The opening will take place in the prestigious Song Yang Art Gallery, located in theRead more

Meet Milano, Dialogue & Growth. Children’s Art from China

Meet Milano-Dialogue & Growth, Children's Art from China Understanding begins by dialogue: Meet Milano, because the continuous growth of the traditional Chinese art follows a long cultural journey that livesRead more

MA-EC presents its artists at the Biennale di Genova

It opens Saturday 10 June, the 2nd Biennial of Genoa - International Contemporary Art Exhibition curated by Mario Napoli. Milan Art & Events Center features 10 international artists, HorstRead more

Since a lot depends on observing .... (Goethe)

Thursday, May 25 at 18:30 Milan Art & Events Center proposes a meeting with Roberto Rossi Roberti on the topics of morphology as formulated by the great German writerRead more

The evil flowers

December 3 Milan Art & Events Center inaugurates the last exhibition that closes the 2016, Les Fleurs du Mal, double staff of Chinese artists Zhang and Xu Lanqian Gengliang curedRead more


To get in contact with the MA-EC
WHERE WE ARE: Durini Palace, Via Santa Maria Valley, 2, Milan. PHONE: 0239831335 WEBSITE: www.ma-ec.it MORE INFO: galleria@ma-ec.it

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