Hu Huiming

Hu Huiming, classe 1990, è nata in Cina ed attualmente vive a Pietrasanta. Il principio fondamentale nelle sue opere è la dicotomia tra realtà e inganno – nulla dà l’impressione di essere reale più della varietà di oggetti di uso quotidiano, come libri, specchi o quadri, ma le cose non sono come appaiono. Ha partecipato […]

Horst Beyer

Born in Germany in 1960, he studied art history and later specializing in computer science. He works at creating programs for large computers, however, constantly cultivating her passion for art and painting. It settled in Italy where, in recent years, self-taught, creates paintings and installations experimenting with new techniques, combining a textural backgrounds [...]

Pino Fedeli

Pino Fedeli was born in Rome September 22, 1946, where he lives and works in Via del Circo Massimo, 25. At 18 the meeting with Giorgio De Chirico and art. The contemporary painting materializes in the words of the Master of Metaphysics in Ancient Greek Cafe in Rome and faithful with him to learn more and to evoke [...]

Jorge Cavelier

After attending the School of Architecture in Colombia and for a year the painting at New York University, Jorge Cavelier he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, graduating in painting in 1982. In 1983 he returned to Bogota and opened his studio "Trazo ", taking classes in drawing and painting techniques and [...]

Maria Lagunes

María Lagunes è nata a Veracruz (Messico). Ha studiato scultura, xilografie e incisioni su linoleum, litografia, ceramica e pittura. Nel corso degli anni, il suo linguaggio caratteristico si è evoluto da forme organiche a volumi geometrici, a seconda dei materiali scelti: acciaio, legno, marmo, onice, bronzo e, più recentemente, anche plexiglas. Il tema della città […]

Yan JiaNing

Yan JiaNing was born in China in 1990, after a degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tianjin, in her country, she moved to Italy, to Milan, to perfect their university education at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera, where he received his master's in 2015. qualified, despite his young age, [...]

Massimo Di Cave

Massimo Di Cave, of Jewish descent and Friuli, architect, painter, sculptor, writer born in Rome in 1955. In the eighties living in Milan in the period of the refined design and later he traveled to Paris, London, New York and Barcelona, ​​where he acquired experience important for his education. Opens the professional studio in Rome in [...]

Giorgio Piccaia

Giorgio Piccaia born in Geneva in 1955, and currently lives and works in Agrate Conturbia (Novara) and Versilia in Lido di Camaiore (Lucca). Son of art, his father Matthew is a Master of the twentieth century, trained at the Polytechnic of Milan, Faculty of Architecture. Among the figures that mark his human and artistic path, Corrado [...]

Yang Chunmeng

Born in March 1988 in Qiqihar (China). After graduating from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to Italy in 2011 and attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, specializing in painting and printmaking. The nature and femininity are the recurring themes of research and of his creative career. From 2013 he took [...]

Giuseppe Ciccia

Giuseppe Ciccia was born in Messina on 26 November 1946. After earning his diploma at the Institute Art Institute of Messina, he moved to Florence where he completed his studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts with Masters Gastone Breddo, Giancarlo Caldini, Silvio Loffredo. In 1963 he began his artistic adventure traveling between Messina, Rome, Florence, Montmartre [...]