Free thinking

Wednesday, December 12 will be inaugurated at the MA-EC Free thinking Gallery, collective exhibition that brings into dialogue for the first time in the new center artists who have a long association with the gallery and emerging talents promoted by MA-EC. On display are photographs and paintings on canvas that creative, albeit from training and [...]

HUISTHIS? Hu Huiming solo show

Mercoledì 3 ottobre la Galleria MA-EC inaugura la personale di Hu Huiming. Hu Huiming è un’incontentabile artista a tutto tondo. Si è resa nota al pubblico in Italia come fotografa in occasione del MIA Photo Fair, ma la sua ricerca è multidisciplinare, instancabile nella personale scoperta ed appropriazione di un linguaggio sempre nuovo. Hu Huiming […]

2018 Milan Invitational Exhibition of Phoenix Art Season

Milan Art & Events Center apre la stagione espositiva lunedì 17 settembre con 2018 Milan Invitational Exhibition of Phoenix Art Season, mostra di artisti di 798 Art Zone, noto distretto dell’arte contemporanea di Pechino. In esposizione oltre 30 lavori realizzati tra il 2005 e il 2018 che rappresentano uno spaccato della creatività di giovani artisti […]

Different like Coco

Wednesday, July 25 the Milan Art Gallery & Events Center hosts Different like Coco, a tribute of the Chinese art world to the great Coco Chanel, unsurpassed style icon. The project is organized by China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City - The National Animation Industry Park and is sponsored by the city of Tianjin, China's fourth municipality to [...]

This is not an exhibition.

Wednesday, July 11 will be inaugurated at the Milan Art Gallery & Events Center Ceci n'est pas une exposition, exhibition of Chinese and Italian artists. The exhibition unfolds on two floors of the gallery, and includes intsallazioni, paintings on paper, photographs and videos. The works represent an intellectual stress, pose a number of [...]

Never born, never died

The next Tuesday, July 3 the gallery Milan Art & Events Center hosts Never born, never died, art event curated by Stefanie Zhang. The exhibition will include works by Chinese artist Wang Zhongsheng and artist Laura Tonani, Professor of Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Never born, never died is the title of [...]

I’m Blue Panther. Afran in Triennale

Tuesday, June 26 Milan Art & Events Center and La Triennale di Milano come I'm Blue Panther, exhibition of Afran. Afran is an artist of the MA-EC Gallery in Milan and come back for the third time to exhibit at the prestigious Triennale. For the occasion offers a sculpture in jeans, made specifically for the event and [...]

Korean Wunderkammer 2018

The exhibition presents artists from South Korea in particular from the island of Jeju, the birthplace of Orange Bridge. Group some of the tendencies in contemporary art practice through different disciplines, including photography and painting prevail, this is characterized by the study and by the interest of the West. A large group of artists including Jang mention [...]

Nostalgia del presente. Xiaomei Wu solo exhibition

Il prossimo 8 giugno si inaugura presso la Galleria Milan Art & Events Center la mostra della fotografa cinese Xiaomei Wu. Nostalgia del presente è la prima personale in Italia dell’artista di Lan Zhou, che si distingue per l’originalità dello stile, frutto di contaminazioni tra la cultura orientale e quella occidentale. Fotografo di moda, e […]