The most important figure in Fashion Communication and Fashion Editing. Communication in fashion is constantly evolving, magazines, social media and blogs are important tools. Any product, however fashionable and quality it is, have to have visibility must be well presented and appropriat communicated. Fashion Editor have the technical tools to effectively decode brand messages and translate fashion creativity into a global language, With sensibility and technique. Synthesis, creative personality and continuous updating of new trends are the main features for a Fashion journalist. The objective of the Fashion Editing Workshop is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of how to acquire writing skills. Developing a creative personality, knowing the fashion world, researching trends and contemporary evolution of fashion journalist (Web editor, Fashion blogger, influences). Knowledge of tools and techniques, using various media formats and making editorials. During the Workshop, students can learn and implement projects together with well-established Fashion Publishing (Printed Paper and Web) professionals to get to know and visit the most important headlines and to experience the experience of fashion editing. Acquire skills to become a Fashion journalist, developing one's own critical thinking. Lessons will be held in small classes to give each student the opportunity to stimulate their creativity to publish editorials and interviews.