The Club of Collectors and Patrons was created with the aim of promoting and disseminating contemporary art in China and Italy through international cultural exchanges, aiming to create a network of leading business opportunity for the benefit of Club Members.

The aim is to join, art, entrepreneurship and resources of the two countries. This aspect is also linked to the promotion of a culture that contributes to sustainable development of the territories. The scenario that lies ahead is therefore to project itself into the new possibilities of "art business" which in recent years have opened in China thanks to the recent and impetuous economic and social development.

The Club provides its Chinese partners up to date on information Members, giving the opportunity for both parties to create an interchange circuit, in order to optimize their resources.

Events are organized regularly targeted with the aim of favoring the connection between the business / financial Italian and Chinese.
Moreover, Members have the opportunity to enjoy a range of interesting services offered by Milan Art & Events Center.

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