Creators of dreams. International Group Show

The next March 16 will be inaugurated at the Milan Art & Events Center exhibition Creators of dreams, group show involving international artists from three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Cultures and different creative forms offer a page of today's world of contemporary art, where shapes, colors, materials, techniques are mixed with memories and feelings, creating elaborate visually compelling unexpected.
They will be on display photographs, sculptures, oil paintings, prints and installations, each poster its own artistic and human journey, and very different, 'cause, as stated Arnold Hauser, the era of art historically more or less evolved can not be socially homogeneous if only because the same company of such a period is not homogeneous.
The exhibition presents itself as a theater show where the skill of each player contributes all'amonia the piece and arouses in each viewer a different emotion. In different works the suggestion and the evocative force manifest themselves as translations from lived and are at the same time and instantaneous unverso narrative focus from symbolic references that open to multiple interpretations.

For exhibit for the first time at the MA-EC, also known artist Afran, Which uses the denim fabric to convey its messages and that has had numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, among which Living textiles2014 at La Triennale di Milano.

I opted for the jeans just because it was not the dress with a capital; maybe a little lI chose it because in high school decoravo jeans of my fellow customizing them, and so it seemed the perfect material to tell the world of their youth, the pop world, with the fabric that best represents them. However, I wanted the common materials we use daily, such as jeans and belts, but I decontestualizzo objects, not giving him a daily seriousness. That's a littlethe paradox that arises when dealing with the world of fashion items, commonly seen as playful and light, but I make out even less dynamic read, tantis that my sculptures always have aexpression a bityelling, deep and sometimes frightening.

InCreators of dreams, Afran presents an original sculpture that is part of his latest production, and tells the contemporary man's inability to be naked, nude understood metaphorically.



Zhe Hao Cao

Laurentiu Adrian Craioveanu

Valeria Laino

Xiao Fan Su

Hao Yang Sun

Hao Wang

Zhen Long Wang

The inauguration will be featured artists

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Title: Creators of dreams. International Group Show

organized by: Milan Art & Events Center, Present Contemporary Art

In collaboration with: Golf People Magazine

Office: MA-EC - Milan Art & Events Center - Via Lupetta 3 (ang. Via Torino), Milan

Inauguration invitation R.S.V.P. Thursday 16 March at 18.30

Date: from 16 March to 3 April 2017

Timetables: givesTuesday to Friday 10-13 and 15-19 / 15-19 hours Saturday
Public Info: Tel. +39 02 39831335 –