Lux Arcana. Horst Beyer solo exhibition

  • 24 February 2017
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On January 18, Milan Art & Events Center opens the new year with the exhibition Lux Arcana, German artist Horst Beyer. On display 40 works made between 2011 and 2016.

In the works of Beyer they are matched textural backgrounds and electric cables which, at times freed from their wrapping, reveal the copper metallic luster, creating unexpected plays of light. The plastic effects resulting from the alignment, or by the intersection from the dense agglomeration of the cables, in their infinite possibility of approaching and melting, form the central fulcrum of his work.

The peculiar stylistic Horst Beyer occurs between sheets of copper or painted wood planks and humble recycled wires that are assembled up to give voice to unpublished vibrations.

The artist gives new life to electrical cables whose intrinsic energy, releasing all the power of color, creates a symphony of light that captures the viewer's gaze and leaves an indelible emotion. Geometric Perfection, essentiality and balance spread an arcane light.

The energy of Beyer creations stems from a basic dichotomy where smooth and rough, dull and bright, light and shadow elicit an extraordinary charm from disruptive power that instills in each work a breath in osmosis with the environment that welcomes .

The exhibition of Lux ArcanaIt is distributed on two floors of the MA-EC Gallery and presents a careful selection of works in different formats which shows elegance and joy of life and where beauty is always the protagonist. The exhibition at the MA-EC highlights the constant search for Horst Beyer and emphasizes the originality of his approach to art, free from constraints and preconceived.

A framework needs to say something, to think like a poem and leave an impression like a piece of music. Arnold Böcklin

The inauguration will be the artist.

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Title: Lux Arcana. Horst Beyer Solo Exhibition
Office: MA-EC - Milan Art & Events Center - Via Lupetta 3 (ang. Via Torino), Milan
Inauguration invitation R.S.V.P. Wednesday, 18 January 18:30
Date: from January 18 to January 31, 2017
Timetables: givesTuesday to Friday 10-13 and 15-19 / 15-19 hours Saturday
Public Info: Tel. +39 02 39831335 –