On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018, to Tuesday, April 17 Triennale di Milano it will come inaugurated Floral Window: the Sparks of Literary Mind.

This is the first exposure to Triennale Design Week Chinese designers Cong Ma, Winner of the "Red Dot Award: Best of the Best", with his working group Hundredicrafts. Floral Window is an event FuoriSalone organized by Milan Art & Events Center.

Focus della ricerca di Cong Ma è il giardino, luogo mistico considerato la proiezione verso l’esterno dello spirito creativo dei letterati orientali, dove la floral window è il punto di riferimento principale, l’anima del cuore letterario, espressione dell’ingegno. Il lavoro di Cong Ma nasce dall’integrazione delle eccellenti tecniche tradizionali cinesi, quali intagli, lavorazione di oro e argento, del legno, della ceramica, della porcellana, con il design contemporaneo.

Important elements of the elegant life of the ancient writers such as the lake stones, pavilions, pagodas will be in harmony with floral window and will show visitors the light of the literary mind behind the creation.

Floral window It is ubiquitous in ancient Chinese gardens as a symbol of design and culture and emphasizes the essence of oriental aesthetics. The window is the frame that highlights the dialectical relationship between "large and small" and "virtual and real." Open, closed or ajar, the same window interacts with the surrounding environment. Through the window, you can take your mind away from everyday worries and live in harmony with nature, according to the poetic and aesthetic principles of Eastern philosophy.

Hundredicrafts It is a platform designed to enhance the intangible cultural heritage of creative crafts and to promote contemporary aesthetics.
Hundredicrafts combines traditional Chinese handicraft wealth with contemporary design to meet the market demands and achieve a perfect balance between classicism and innovation.

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Title: Floral Window: the Sparks of Literary Mind

Project by Foryou Design and Hundredicrafts

Event organized by FuoriSalone Milan Art & Events Center

Office: Triennale di Milano, Ground Floor

Viale Alemagna, 6

inauguration invitation: Tuesday, April 17 at 18.00

Date: 17 to 22 April 2018

TimetablesTuesday 10.30 - 24.00

Wednesday to Sunday 30.10 -22.00

Free entry

Public Info:Tel. +39 02 39831335 –info.milanart@gmail.com


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