Thursday, September 21 Milan Art & Events Center will open the new season with the exhibition Ksana Spirits, second leg of the international touring exhibition On the Road. They will show their work 11 artists from seven different countries: Bill Anderson (United States), Aditya Tri Hanggono (Indonesia), Zhenfei Liu (China), Sonny Pimentel (Mexico), Motoi Takahashi (Japan), Francisco Rizquez (Venezuela) , Araceli Valdivia (Chile), Ping Wang (China), Yao Yao (China) and the artistic duo Bai Feng & Juntao Yang (China). The exhibition is curated by Gaoya Yang, also creator of ' "On The Road" project.

They presented several works for technical and cultural background that will be appreciated by art experts, collectors and also by a wider audience of enthusiasts. On the two floors of the exhibition gallery features photographs, oil paintings and installations.

Ksana is a word in Sanskrit means a very short time, imperceptible, a moment. The population of a moment can be born and die a multitude of emotions, hidden, complex. These eleven artists have created works that express an emotional dialogue that occurs in this time range and space. A continuous flow between the work of art and emotions.

Ksana Spirits It is the second stage of the project On the Road. The first leg was held in Beijing in December 2016, and here were exposed to the works of young artists from Mexico, Ecuador and China at the PDFCHIC Art Gallery.

On the Road The project's objective is to combine aesthetic pleasure and cultural exchange in various museum spaces and galleries around the world.


Bill Anderson (United States): photographer and documentarian, has received the 1998 Top 100 Award, which rewards the best creative in the world. His photographs are included in documentaries, commercials, magazines. He has many projects and is completing his second script.

Aditya Tri Hanggono (Indonesia): graphic designer, currently lives in Japan. He has done research on the history of the Indonesian design and has participated in numerous exhibitions. His main field of interest is the print shop not only as a means of expression but as an object that has its peculiar shapes and structures.

Zhenfei Liu (China) with the series Lost the artist wants to express his feelings on today's conditions of life and his thoughts for the future. The desire of everybody is to not be chained, but to look for new spaces and a new freedom.

Sonny Pimentel (Mexico): photographer and filmmaker, has participated in numerous exhibitions and has worked in film as a director and author. In 2015 he published his first book of photos Undying Cacophony. In 2016 he received an award for his work from the Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium at Oglethorpe University.

Motoi Takahashi (Japan): Born in Kanagawa, graduated in sculpture at Musashino Art University. In the work expresses his way of seeing and thinking with his eyes also turned to the social and political reality.

Francisco Rizquez (Venezuela): photographer, she has exhibited in numerous exhibitions and has traveled to many cities in the world. With his camera loves to catch people, moments, situations with passion and critical eye. In the project Caracas Capital Protests He has photographed the most dramatic moments of the protests in the Venezuelan city.

Araceli Valdivia (Chile): since childhood loved to go around with the camera, pushed by cuorisità, love for the art and a strong capacity for observation. In 2016 he participated in the collective exhibition of photography Santiago, A Showcase Experiences at the Palacio Consistorial of Santiago.

Ping Wang (China): visual artist and fashion photographer, now lives in New York. Its peculiarity is to combine art and fashion, creating some great-looking work. His works have been exhibited in China, in Paris, in New York, and his photos are published in the most prestigious fashion magazines. In 2016 he was awarded by Photo District News.

Yao Yao (China): born in 1989 in Chongqing, graduated from the Sichuan Fin Arts Institute and Lixianting Independent Film School. In the project Grandmother part by stories telling her grandmother, to analyze relationships and between individuals and nature.

Bai Feng & Juntao Yang (China): Bei Feng was born in Beijing but lives in Tokyo where he attended the Musashino Art University. At 18, he traveled to Europe and published a book. Juntao Yang was born in Shanghai and lives in Tokyo. Designer, believes in the importance of the interaction between the user and the product. Bai Juntao and four months ago they met and fell in love, creating an even artistic partnership. Together they made hundreds of photos and written thousands of words about their love. Hence the project Paper Fragment.

The inauguration will be attended by the curator Gaoya Yang and artists.

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Title: Ksana Spirits.

second installment of On the Road Project

a cura di Gaoya Yang

Sponsor: AGSP Fashion Consulting, OnePlus

Partner: Immaterial Media, Golf People Magazine

Office: MA-EC - Milan Art & Events Center - Via Lupetta 3 (ang. Via Torino), Milan

Inauguration invitation R.S.V.P. Thursday, September 21 18:30

Date: 21 to 28 September 2017

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