Thursday, May 25 at 18:30 Milan Art & Events Center proposes a meeting with Roberto Rossi Roberti on the topics of morphology as formulated by the great German writer Wolfgang Goethe between the '700 and' 800, in the still current implications, in the weaves, in developments , the prospects of comparison and dialogue between different cultures, languages ​​and writing.

To this end they will be exhibited examples of interpretation and translation into Chinese of some excerpts from the lecture notes ofMorphology and dynamics of shape, Held for a decade by prof. Rossi Roberti.

The total lecture notes in Italian were gathered and published in a book, edited by Laura Panno,dynamic morphology Lines, Notebooks of the two years of the Academy's graphic school.

The exhibited pictures we put into a visual report that points to other cultural aspects, such as the musical writing of some modern authors or various visual areas, the morphologies and linguistic grammars in their innumerable ramifications. You can add to what was said a comparison between Western landscape (perspective view) and infinite visual interaction of drawing and calligraphy in Chinese landscape (water / mountain; stable / fluid; opaque / transparent, and so forth) that can be integrated with Goethian thought, unsystematic and antifinalistico where indissolubly the fragment and the whole intertwine, recognizing the causes is secondary,the inclinationthe Apropensityguide the thinking through the intricate presence of phenomena.

The maximum n. 558 Goethe reads:

What is universal?

The individual case.

What is special?

Millions of cases.

This is not the classic presentation of a book, but a conversation accompanied by an installation that provides the inputs that will lead us towards a morphologic thought of Goethe's type.

Si parlerà della disciplina in sé, della morfologia, di alcuni concetti, di un’attività didattica proposta a giovani artisti. Attraverso l’allestimento si rappresenta la lezione di morfologia per come la intende il prof. Roberto Rossi Roberti: immagine- parola- disegno- suono. Questo allestimento ci permetterà di avere una visione più larga nell’osservazione morfologica e ci offrirà più vie per incamminarci verso uno o più aspetti della stessa.

We will focus less on the lessons that are already in the book and speak more than a few basic concepts and discipline in itself: how to identify concepts that travel between art, philosophy and science, how it be reflected in any environment, in any context, in different continents and in different sectors and how to make them talk.

And this step or these detections are almost inexhaustible, so much so that the shape itself is dynamic, is located in a kind of perpetual motion and the observer does nothing but chase in the various possible worlds.

Edited by Laurentiu Craioveanu and Huizhong Ines Song, project cultu

eral meetings and Cold Discussions cycle.

The event is included in the circuit The Books of May.

During the evening, you can visit the exhibition Mirrors, double Yazlina Yazid staff and Oscar Luca Taddei.

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Title:Since a lot depends on observing ... (Goethe)

Conversation with Roberto Rossi Roberti

organized by:Cold Discussions e Milan Art & Events Center

Office:MA-EC - Milan Art & Events Center - Via Lupetta 3 (ang. Via Torino), Milan

Date: Thursday, May 25 18:30

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