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Marco Abrate (Rebor)

Born in Savigliano in 1996, he works mainly in Turin and Milan. Graduated in Graphic Design at the Albertina Academy in Turin with full marks, he has already exhibited in prestigious foundations and museums including the MAC museum in São Paulo, Brazil, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, the Treccani Foundation in Naples. , etc.

In 2022 Marco Abrate won the First Prize in the Street Art section of the “Artefici del nostra tempo” competition, organized by the Municipality of Venice. The award-winning work Digital Revelation is exhibited in the Venice Pavilion in the Giardini della Biennale and has become part of the permanent collection of the Ca 'Pesaro Museum, International Gallery of Modern Art in Venice.


In his works he wants to highlight the traits of an evolution of street art focused on the need to take a position on communication, on common ways of living and thinking. Marco Abrate states: "I carry on my research through two parallel artistic paths. The first takes the name of Revelations: I tell the contemporary by creating fake concrete walls, on which I apply fragments of plaster that form images that are concealed in the context and must be discovered and identified from time to time; in this way, through the pareidolia (the ability to see images and shapes practically everywhere), I highlight the vital aspect of creativity, reiterating the need for it to return to being a starting point for free choices and aware, playing with amazement and mystery. By inserting these works in showy and important frames, I emphasize the importance of searching for shapes and figures (also belonging to our memory) in the assemblages of a raw material and in its unpredictable and surprising combinations. In the second path, Pink, I create temporary installations in Pink, I expose them on the streets, and thanks to the media and social networks they live a second life, in which the degradation and defaillances of our time are highlighted, with the particularity that almost no work has ever been seen by the general public in person, but only in the media, which themselves become part of the work ".

Among the most recent exhibitions:

June / awarded by the city of Venice with the first prize "Artworkers of our time" in the street art section with the work "Digital revelation" exhibited at the 59 Venice Biennale "The milk of dreams" in the Venice Pavilion. The work enters the collection of the Ca 'Pesaro Museum in Venice

May / "Hidden Images" catalog edited by Giorgio Bonomi, Rubbettino Editore publishing house exhibited in the Rubbettino Editore stand at the International Book Fair

"Hidden Images" catalog edited by Giorgio Bonomi, Rubbettino Editore publishing house exhibited in the stand of Giorgio Bonomi's "Titolo" magazine at Artefiera Bologna

January / exhibition "Neapolis, new city of new arts" at the monumental complex of Sant'Anna dei Lombardi, Naples

August / personal exhibition “Hidden Images” critical text by Giorgio Bonomi, Hub Art Gallery, Milan

May / MAC Museum of Contemporary Art in San Paolo, exhibition "Além de 2020 Italian art na pandemic" curated by Nicolas Ballario and Teresa Emanuele

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