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Xunmu Wu 


Artist, born in Shanghai in 1947. He lived 17 years in the Gobi desert and this experience had a great influence on his art.
He currently lives and works in Shanghai.


Main exhibitions:

2023: Starry sky of shepherds, Solo exhibition curated by Cristiano Plicato, Scalvini Museum, Desio

In 2023 some of his works are published in the CAM Mondadori

In 2023 he was selected for the Biennale in homage to Giuseppe Scalvini and received the First Prize with honorable mention

2023 Salon des indépendants, Art Capital, Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris

In 2022 some of his works were selected for exhibitions in Genoa and he won the Fiorino d’argento at the Premio Firenze 2022

2022 Time Tunnel, curated by Paolo Sabbatini,

          at the Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels

2021 Solo Exhibition Fiabe Antiche in Italy

2020 25th edition of Guangzhou Art Fair, Guangzhou, China
         Bi-Personal Xunmu Mu & Dapeng Wang, Shanghai Author Gallery, China
2019 Abstract Painting of Xunmu Wu, Tianzifang Art district, Shanghai, China
2018 Slate Oil Painting of Xunmu Wu, Shanghai, China
         Shanghai Contemporary Art Auction (section Painting and Sculpture),

          Hosan Auction

2017 New power at sea, Shanghai Artists Group Show, China Art Museum

          Nanjing Art Fair, Nanjing, China

          Xian Art Fair, Xian, China

2016 20th edition of Shanghai Art Fair, China
          The road of Art, Xunmu Wu solo exhibition, China Pavilion, Expo
          Exlie of Life, Tri-personal of Xunmu Wu, Heping, Guo Feng, Xuhui Art Palace
          2nd edition of Shanghai Handmade Crafts Art Fair, China Pavilion, Expo
2015  Xunmu Wu & Qingchun Diao traveling exhibition, Nanjing
         19th edition of Shanghai Art fair, China

2014 French Art-Shine of China, Special Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary

           of diplomatic ties between China and France, French Asian Art Museum
         Xunmu Wu & Qingchun Diao traveling exhibition, Pinlin Art Gallery, Shanghai
2011 15th edition of Shanghai Art Fair, China.


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