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Afran (Francis Nathan Abiamba)   is a Cameroonian artist, sculptor, painter and performer. He has lived and worked in Italy in the province of Lecco since 2009. He has numerous international exhibitions in Africa, Europe and America.

He has received various international art awards including the first SAN FEDELE in Milan and the LILIANA NOCERA award from the Permanente in Milan . 
For about ten years he has introduced textiles into his artistic expression, giving particular relevance to DENIM. The identity problems that our contemporaneity experiences have always been the basis of his investigation.


In the air of post modernism, liquid modernity and ultimately post truth, Afran identifies in JEANS the most eloquent symbol to tell the contradictions and complexity of this era. Thanks to its plastic potential, JEANS or textiles in general becomes a kind of platform for the artist in which everyone can shape their own identity. A kind of zero degree.

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