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Group Exhibition in Florence

Curated by Daniela Pronestì


10-24 Aprile 2024

Art Art Gallery Firenze



On 10 April 2024 the Art Gallery of Florence hosts the exhibition #ARTFORSUSTAINABILITY, curated by Daniela Pronestì.


The project, realized in collaboration with MA-EC Gallery Milano, sees in dialogue the works of 9 artists who have been invited to reflect on sustainability, a topic of global interest. The artists' responsibility is to focus on environmental issues and to use art to awaken consciences, with the aim of having a fairer future, focused on humanity and respectful of natural ecosystems.

Fundamental is a positive attitude towards oneself and others, for a harmonious interaction between individuals, communities and the environment. Such an approach requires a critical assessment of the scale of values and habits, and focuses on the interconnectedness between the various dimensions of human life and the ecosystem.


The commitment of all and therefore also of artists must be aimed at building a fairer, resilient and prosperous world for all life on Earth, according to a continuous and dynamic process.

In the exhibition in Florence exhibit Gianni Baggi Otr, Horst Beyer, Hui Li & Yiran Li, Shuyi Liu & Yachu Feng, Yating Liu, Alessandro Puccia, Maria Micaela Schiavi, Liang Wang, Xunmu Wu. With different techniques and styles, they present to the public their message that wants to be a point of reflection and analysis for all.

The participating works will be evaluated by the jury, whose members are: Shuyi Qi, Vincenzo Sangalli, Armando Xhomo, Ling Ying.


"Art for Sustainability" Exhibition Judging Criteria


1. Relevance to Theme

  • Alignment with the Theme: How well does the artwork relate to sustainability and environmental conservation? The work should clearly reflect the theme, demonstrating a deep understanding and perspective on sustainability.

  • Message Clarity: The clarity and impact of the message or story conveyed through the artwork regarding sustainability. This includes the ability to provoke thought, raise awareness, or inspire action towards environmental conservation.

2. Originality and Creativity

  • Innovation : The uniqueness of the concept, showcasing creativity that stands out from typical representations of sustainability. This includes innovative approaches to material use, presentation, or narrative.

  • Artistic Interpretation: The artist's personal touch and interpretation of the theme, reflecting individuality and a fresh perspective on sustainability.

3. Artistic Expression and Technique

  • Technical Skill: Mastery of the chosen medium, including quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and technical execution.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Overall visual impact of the artwork, including composition, color, balance, and use of space.

4. Use of Sustainable Materials or Methods

  • Sustainability in Creation: Use of recycled, upcycled, or sustainable materials in the creation of the artwork. Consideration will also be given to eco-friendly processes and techniques used in the art-making process.

  • Innovation in Sustainability: Creative use of sustainable materials or methods that contribute to environmental conservation, going beyond traditional practices.

5. Overall Impression and Impact

  • Emotional Impact: The ability of the artwork to evoke emotions, inspire viewers, and leave a lasting impression.

  • Potential for Impact: The work's potential to contribute to the dialogue on sustainability, influencing perspectives, and encouraging positive change towards environmental conservation.

This detailed scoring system aims to celebrate creativity, promote sustainability, and recognize the impactful contributions of artists to environmental conservation through their work.





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